Change Log


20 Jan 2017
  1. Show error message for IE
  2. License warning can be dismissed now
  3. Updated PHP Mailer
  4. Exported form entries now have Entry ID
  5. You can now use shortcodes inside forms
  6. Added .sketch extension
  7. Some CSS changes


22 Nov 2016
  1. Moved some functions to helper.js file
  2. Fixed the issue with form failing when an invalid math formula is used
  3. Fixed an issue with logic redirect
  4. Fixed an issue with form breaking on certain JS used in form success message
  5. Fixed an issue with popup form being un-intuitive on iPhones
  6. Fixed some input field edit options being hidden when the form width was set > 600px on desktops
  7. Fixed CSS for multi-page forms on mobile devices, when used as a popup


25 Sep 2016
  1. Fixed a conditional logic issue with Set Value Of
  2. Input mask validation doesn't trigger if the field is left empty
  3. Minor CSS changes to make layout more consistent
  4. Fixed an issue with submissions tab's form filter not working right


22 Aug 2016

Bug Fixes

  1. Auto form importing (V2 to V3) was broken for some installations
  2. Field validation error text wasn't visible
  3. Minor CSS changes
  4. Few other weird JS bugs affecting only a handful of installations
  5. Form entry export was breaking for forms which had special characters in the name
  6. Fixed a widget auto-popup time issue
  7. Fixed an issue where data from matrix field wasn't showing up in emails

tested: 4.6


27 Jul 2016
  1. Fixed the issue with tooltip instructions not appearing
  2. Exported CSV data now contains links to uploaded files, instead of just file names.
  3. Fixed an issue where hidden required fields were throwing errors
  4. Add some extensions to the whitelist


21 Jul 2016
  1. Fixed an issue with color scheme not saving
  2. Fixed conditional logic issue
  3. Fixed issue which was breaking some third-party forms on the page
  4. Fixed an issue with alignment of multi-page forms
  5. Fixed the fileupload issue
  6. Fixed issue where 'required' error was shown before the form was submitted


16 Jul 2016

Fixed the issue where the submit button kept spinning Fixed the issue with alignment of page titles on a multi-page form Fixed form import issue from basic

tested: 4.5.3


13 Jul 2016

A large part of our codebase has changed. This is an important release.

  1. Re-build the dashboard JavaScript file to use React
  2. Standardised all code using ESLint
  3. Moved to ES6
  4. Removed .html files from the file-upload whitelist
  5. Fixed an issue where the preview page showed 404 not found error in the page title
  6. Changed the paths of almost all JS files

tested: 4.5.3


07 Apr 2016
  1. Fixed an issue where some users were not able to enter the purchase key
  2. Fixed an issue where a timepicker field was showing 'required' even when it had value

tested: 4.4.2


20 Mar 2016
  1. Preview page now shows a notice if no email recipient is added
  2. Fixed some issues with the multi site plugin
  3. Data sent to Custom URL now includes Entry ID parameter
  4. Added help link to Send Data to Custom URL feature
  5. Fixed some AJAX requests conflicting with the VC plugin
  6. Fixed an issue which was causing minified JS files to have syntax errors
  7. Minor CSS fixes


04 Feb 2016
  1. Allow usage of + in emails
  2. Allow custom TLD in URLs
  3. Fixed an issue with having multiple multi-page forms on the same page
  4. Fixed an issue with no name forms not appearing on dashboard


18 Jan 2016
  1. Increased the year range for datepicker field from 20 years to 100 years
  2. Fixed a Visual Composer conflict issue
  3. Fixed a conditional redirect bug
  4. Fixed an issue where Prev and Next could not be edited
  5. Fixed a CSS bug affecting multi page forms on FireFox


12 Dec 2015


  1. Fixed an issue where the submit button was going out of shape on click
  2. Timepicker field was showing required error on FireFox, even when filled in
  3. Fixed some common CSS conflicts
  4. Changed some words under Email Setup to avoid confusion


  1. File upload field now allows setting max file size

Tested: 4.4


01 Dec 2015

Changed the plugin update method for increased security

tested: 4.3.1


27 Nov 2015
  1. Fixed a CSV export issue
  2. Fixed SMTP not working with GoDaddy in some cases
  3. Fixed email field not showing labels on mobile, with a certain field style
  4. Added pptx to supported file upload extensions


01 Nov 2015
  1. Updated API token
  2. Fixed bug affecting labels of email fields on mobiles


08 Sep 2015


  1. Datepicker configuration issue in the form builder
  2. JS variable conflict 'isMobile'
  3. Fixed conditional logic bug
  4. Inline labels for email field broken on mobile fix
  5. Submission print didn't work with multi-page forms
  6. rtl class bug fix
  7. Server variable being altered fix
  8. String length bug when concerning UTF-8 characters fix


  1. Added close button to slide-up forms


25 Jul 2015
  1. Changed the default PHP method for sending emails to WP Mail method. Should reduce email issues, and make it compatible with third-party WP Mail plugins
  2. Fixed an issue where audio files were not being uploaded using the file upload field


10 Jul 2015


  1. UI slide options bug
  2. Analytics date bug
  3. Conditional Logic bug fix for some jQuery version
  4. Slide in form hiding on keystroke bug fix
  5. Couple of z-index bug fixes
  6. Loading JS files when using multiple forms on the page fix
  7. UTF8 Characters fix, when used in checkbox field


14 Jun 2015


  1. Conditional email bug fix
  2. Bunch of theme CSS conflict fixes
  3. Datepicker next / previous icon fix for Windows
  4. Slide-in form z-index fix
  5. Modal form z-index fix
  6. Fixed license key verification issue for old PHP installations


  1. Re-designed form editor interface
  2. Auto-adjusting height of dialogs on form editor page
  3. Allow usage of % or px for setting form width
  4. Heading field now allows setting background color
  5. CSS improvements for Heading and Custom Text field
  6. Improved email layout (when not using multi-column email layout)
  7. Dashboard now shows current plugin version

tested: 4.2.2


10 Jun 2015


  1. Fixed https issue with Google fonts on the form editor page
  2. Downloaded files now retain their original name
  3. Analytics date range bug
  4. Fixed iOS bug for slide-in forms
  5. Minor fixes for CSS conflicts
  6. Fixed template HTML import bug
  7. Fixed email padding
  8. Fields with empty labels now submit
  9. Fixed empty stats issue on some Windows PCs


  1. Changed UI for Add Field dialog
  2. New Contact form template
  3. Other UI changes to the form editor page
  4. Better explanation on how multi-column layouts work
  5. Mobile forms now have HTML5 field for email type
  6. Using Set Value (empty) now clears the checkbox field of all checked options
  7. Using Contains (empty) now allows triggering the logic when the field isn't empty
  8. Fixed conditional logic bug not working with date field in some cases
  9. New JavaScript hooks
  10. JavaScript files are now loaded conditionally. This considerably reduces the load on simple forms.
  11. Main CSS and JavaScript files have been minified.
  12. Added option to alter field input color

tested: 4.2.2


03 Jun 2015


  1. Ok icon not appearing on the form editor page
  2. Removed 60 from the minute-picker option
  3. Modal popup not working on old iOS
  4. Modal appearing behind header with some themes
  5. Plugin page and FormCraft dashboard throwing fatal error on old PHP installations
  6. Captcha field info not appearing on first go


  1. Added option to refresh license info, without re-entering the key
  2. Current active license key now visible
  3. Changed position of Add New form button
  4. Combined a small JS library with the main file. One less HTTP request.
  5. Small CSS improvements all around
  6. New contact form template


01 Jun 2015first public release


  1. Better visible option to customise form success message


  1. Fixed an issue with save form progress feature
  2. Fixed an issue with survey fields on iOS
  3. Tooltip gap
  4. Fixed an issue with dedicated form page when the plugin is used on more than one installation on the same domain
  5. Empty forms appearing on Add Form modal


26 May 2015beta


  1. Fixed a math formula issue with divide operator


  1. Added read more link to all addons
  2. Minifed some JavaScript files
  3. Combined some CSS files
  4. Reduced package size
  5. Improved W3C Validity


20 May 2015beta


  1. You would see a prompt if you are trying to leave the page without having saved the form
  2. Link to the support ticket form in the Help modal
  3. Improved HTML markup
  4. One-line text field, and password field now support regex validation


  1. Conditional emails
  2. Minor CSS fixes
  3. Better plugin directory naming, when downloading plugins from the Add-On Center
  4. Added encoding header, and DOCTYPE to the dedicated form page
  5. Fixed padding issue with email subject and recipients input field


  1. Error message shown if the license has expired, with a link to renew it

tested: 4.2.2


16 May 2015beta


  1. Fixed an issue with conditional redirect
  2. Font-size and font-weight attribute can be used when editing the HTML of email body / custom text form element
  3. UTF-8 encoding issue for email body in some email clients, like Round Cube
  4. Compatibility with Multi Site plugin
  5. Minor CSS changes
  6. Fixed an issue with hidden fields validating
  7. Error fields border color CSS fix

tested: 4.2.2


15 May 2015beta

Important release.


  1. The add-on shop is now live. You can purchase add-ons.
  2. When customizing email content, you can use field IDs, and not just labels, for adding dynamic content
  3. New form embed type - slide in
  4. Two new form backgrounds
  5. Added validation to password field
  6. Improved animation of form success text

Bug Fixes

  1. Some conditional logic bug, related to setting field values dynamically
  2. Fixed a bug which was causing the custom styling to break
  3. Fixed a bug which was breaking JavaScript when using half-filled conditional logic rows
  4. When using math logic, the decimals after 2 places are rounded off to a lower number (not the nearest number)
  5. Better CSS styling for slider field, specially against theme conflicts


  1. Small CSS change on the dashboard to display more characters of a form name
  2. Adding email when verifying the license key is now mandatory


08 May 2015beta

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed submit button width issue with multi-page forms
  2. Fixed an issue with installed add-ons appearing under Add New
  3. Better CSS positioning for the error validation messages
  4. Removed fixed width from notification emails
  5. Other minor CSS fixes
  6. Custom CSS textarea height issue


  1. Reduced package size by 25%
  2. New form template
  3. Errors messages for min / max files
  4. Better UI for multi-page forms on mobile
  5. Improved logic behind auto-scrolling to error fields

tested: 4.2.2


06 May 2015beta


  1. Significant performance improvements, specially with large forms
  2. Added more info to input mask tooltip
  3. Added optional spinning effect to submit button
  4. Show / Hide empty fields option is now remembered
  5. More icons for the input field


  1. Min and max character validation bug
  2. Input masks not supporting space
  3. Color picker's clear button not working as intended
  4. Fixed an issue where the auto-update option wasn't working for some installations
  5. Fixed a UTF-8 issue affecting email subjects, and from name
  6. Disabled emoji on form editor page
  7. Templates appeared broken
  8. Fixed Heading field alignment issue

tested: 4.2.1


04 May 2015beta

Important Changes

  1. When using checkbox field, you can have different value and different label for an option, using this format: value==label. In emails, and submissions panel, the value is shown by default. This has been changed. The label is now shown by default. If you wish to see the value in emails, use the tag: [My Field.value]
  2. Slider now has min value as default value
  3. Matrix columns allowed for different values, and labels. Wasn't helpful. Now merged.
  4. Improved reporting for matrix field in the backend


  1. Fixed tooltip overlapping issue
  2. Fixed an issue with auto-save feature and matrix field which was breaking JavaScript

tested: 4.2.1