How do I remove the powered by link from my forms?

Simply register the plugin. Read more.

I own FormCraft 2.x. Can I download the new FormCraft for free?

Yes, the new FormCraft is a free download for all existing customers. To download the new version, login to your account on codecanyon.net, and go to downloads. Any subsequent plugin updates can be installed with one-click on the Plugin page in your WordPress.

Will I lose my data if I upgrade to the new FormCraft?

You will retain all your forms, but not the entries, or analytics data. You can read more about migrating to the new FormCraft here.

How Long is My License Key Valid?

You key is valid indefinitely, but the auto-updates and support period is only valid for for 12 months from purchase. During this period, you get access to plugin updates, and customer support.

Can I Use the Plugin After 1 Year?

Yes, you can continue to use the plugin, but you won’t be eligible for plugin auto-plugin updates, or customer support. You would still be able to manually download updates from codecanyon.net and install them, though.

What About Updates for My Add-Ons?

You are eligible to get auto-updates for your add-ons for the duration you are eligible to get auto-updates for the main plugins. If you are not eligible to get auto-updates for the main plugin, you can still manually download the latest version of the add-ons here: http://formcraft-wp.com/dashboard/

Also, note that you never have to pay a renewal fee or buy a support pack for individual add-ons. Your support and auto-update pack for the main plugin includes support and auto-updates for all add-ons associated with that license key.

How Can I Renew My License Key?

You can buy support packs which can extend your license key by 6 months, or 12 months here

Can I Get a Refund For the Add-Ons if I am Not Satisfied?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the plugin or any of the add-ons we offer a 10-day refund.

How Can I Record a Google Analytics Event on Form Submit?

You can read our tutorial here.

Where can I find the change log for updates?