This add-on allows you to accept appointment or event bookings using your form.

  • Select days of week to operate
  • Configure time ranges individually for days
  • Configure available slots for each time range
  • See booked slots
  • Block off slots for specific days
  • Set min and max dates to take bookings for
  • Add multiple booking fields in the same form
  • Use shortcode to share remaining number of slots
Sample Form

Signature Pad

Add a Signature Pad to your forms, allowing users to sign the forms.

Sample Form


Allows you to add Google’s reCaptcha to your form for extra SPAM prevention.

Tabular Input Field

Allows you to add a spreadsheet-like table field to your form. This is an open-ended field, which means your users can add rows to the table to add more data rows.

Sample Form

Multi Page Forms

This add-on allows you to make multi-page forms.

  • Validate each page before allowing user to proceed
  • Customisable Previous and Next buttons
  • Highlighted steps to display form progress
  • Tailor-made interface for mobile devices
  • Works with popup and slide-in forms as well
  • Easily move fields across pages when editing forms
Sample Form