You can use this add-on to create a PDF file which contains the form entry data. You can:

  • Attach this PDF to email notifications
  • Attach this PDF to email autoresponders
  • View PDF in the back-end

We offer customization options for the PDF file, allowing you to edit the file name, author info, font-size, header and footer. You can even have the PDF file use the multi-columnar format of your form.

Here is a sample PDF generated by the add-on.


You can use this add-on to send your form entry data to hundreds of apps on Zapier.


  • Create a MailChimp subscriber
  • Add a row in Google Spreadsheet
  • Get Slack notifications

This add-on is super easy to configure. To create a zap, simply copy-paste the webhook URL from Zapier into the add-on settings in FormCraft. Read more.


Multi Site

Allows usage of FormCraft on the sub-sites of a WordPress Multi Site Installation.

  • Network activate FormCraft, or activate individually on sub-sites
  • Enter the purchase key just once
  • Sub-sites don’t share data

Note: This add-ons allows plugin usage on one WordPress Multi Site installation, including sub-sites. It does not allow usage on multiple WordPress installations.