Change Log


01 Jul 2020


01 Jul 2020

Fixed scrolling issue, and logic JS bug


16 Jun 2020
  1. Fixed CSS issues when menu bar is folded
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Fixed logic appearing as text


06 Apr 2020
  1. Added IP to visitor info for all entries
  2. Fixed issue with math formulas not working when used with pre populate fields and conditional logic


08 Mar 2020
  1. Fixed the insights page issue when the user had only one form
  2. Fixed (array) appearing in exports
  3. Added support to store and view user IP in emails
  4. Fixed a Gutenberg block issue


17 Jan 2020
  1. Fixed double submit issue
  2. New feature: show empty fields.
  3. Added is_email() support.
  4. Updated parsedown library.


23 Oct 2019
  1. Fixed no-label input fields
  2. Fixed xmlns error


24 Jul 2019
  1. Removed number spin feature
  2. Fixed issue with address field on Safari
  3. Changes to variable and function names for consistency
  4. Fixed an issue which was preventing default fields to work with checkboxes


27 May 2019

Envato guidelines compliance.


17 May 2019
  1. Remove support for Visual Composer


16 May 2019
  1. Envato guidelines fix (3)
  2. Improved math formulas usage in emails


07 May 2019

Envato guidelines fix (2) Added math JS library to be used in place of eval Removed un-used PHP code


03 May 2019
  1. Plugin compliance with Envato guidelines


09 Apr 2019
  1. Removed wpnonoce for front-end forms
  2. Added
  3. Fixed the documentation connection errors
  4. Auto-save form values now clear on form submit


19 Mar 2019
  1. Improved error reporting
  2. Fixed IP address issue for proxy-servers
  3. Fixed an issue with file uploads not attaching to emails


26 Feb 2019beta
  1. (Feature) Internationalization support
  2. (Feature) New language: French
  3. (Feature) Improved CSRF protection
  4. (Feature) Made auto-scroll on form errors optional
  5. (Feature) (Important) Deleting the plugin now deletes all data, unless Keep Data is checked on the plugin menu.
  6. (Fix) Some minor bug fixes


20 Dec 2018
  1. (Improvement) Support for disabling success message animation
  2. (Improvement) Support for FormCraft block in the new WP block editor
  3. (Fix) Fixed textarea newline issue when Disable Submit on Enter enabled
  4. (Fix) Character count for textarea not working as expected with some characters


16 Nov 2018

Fixed an issue where fields weren't occupying full width on some themes


07 Nov 2018
  1. (Improvement) New separator option -- semicolon -- for exporting entries
  2. (Improvement) New option to remove empty tags from email content
  3. (Improvement) Support for attaching files with autoresponders
  4. (Fix) Fixed an issue where addon data wasn't being duplicated with the form
  5. (Fix) Minor CSS improvements


16 Sep 2018
  1. Speeds up form loading for forms with a lot of conditional logic steps


13 Sep 2018
  1. Changed how unique cookie ID is generated
  2. Fixed issues throwing PHP warnings
  3. Fixed Html2Text library conflict issue
  4. Fixed issue where WordFence was blocking form save attempts
  5. New whitelisted file extensions
  6. Added index.php file to uploads directory to prevent files from appearing in search


10 Aug 2018
  1. Fixed submit_empty_fields issue
  2. Minor CSS patches
  3. Fixed checkbox rendering issue on FireFox


29 Jul 2018beta
  1. Added new form templates
  2. Added over 800 icons for text fields
  3. Added support for using field IDs in email content (eg. [field13])
  4. Added debug info when test emails fail
  5. Fixed issue with texteditor losing focus
  6. Fixed some edge case JavaScript bugs
  7. Fixed html2text library conflict
  8. Fixed an issue what was causing the analytics to fail updating
  9. Fixed popup auto-scroll issue
  10. Changed how checkbox CSS works (hopefully better compatibility across browsers)


30 May 2018beta
  1. (Feature) Allow deleting of all entries for a particular form, using the button Trash All
  2. (Feature) Autocomplete dropdown type
  3. (Feature) New templates
  4. (Feature) Support for iFrames in Custom Text Field
  5. (Feature) Support for removing field borders
  6. (Feature) Consistent styling of success message and checkboxes
  7. (Feature) New checkbox animation
  8. (Feature) Support for more HTML in email content
  9. (Feature) Form background colour option
  10. (Fix) No need for unique values, when working with checkbox and dropdown fields.
  11. (Fix) Fixed field dragging issue when form frame is disabled
  12. (Fix) Switched to PHP library to convert HTML emails to plain text
  13. (Fix) Form duplication issue
  14. (Fix) Reduced plugin size, and optimized JS files for the admin screens
  15. (Fix) Removed unused dependencies


27 Mar 2018
  1. Fixed an issue with star rating fields
  2. Fixed an issue where a dash was appearing in place of empty icons
  3. Fixed PHP 7.2 warning message
  4. Added support to disable analytics
  5. Added wordwrap to email body. Fixes an issue where emails had whitespace between content.
  6. Changed location of form.min.js file.
  7. Added new icon options
  8. Improved the UX of exporting form entries.


25 Jan 2018
  1. Reduced the icon list to improve form builder speed
  2. Fixed an issue where no error was thrown on large file uploads
  3. Fixed minor CSS issues
  4. The fields from the field list are now draggable.


03 Jan 2018
  1. Fixed the 'no email specified' issue
  2. Fixed the star rating issue
  3. Fixed CSS conflicts


20 Dec 2017
  1. Fixed an issue which was breaking the conditional logic
  2. Fixed some CSS bugs on the form builder
  3. Fixed CSS bug affecting page names on popup forms


15 Dec 2017beta


  1. Re-done form-builder interface
  2. Updated and improved front-end form styling
  3. New styling for some fields: star, checkbox, thumb
  4. Usage of material-icons for all icon needs


  1. Fixed the form duplication issue
  2. Fixed custom text field styling issues


31 Oct 2017

Fixed an issue where the dashboard was taking a long time to load on shared hosts.