How to Create a New Zap using The Zapier AddOn

Our Zapier addon allows you to connect FormCraft to one of the hundreds of apps available on Zapier.

  1. You can purchase the Zapier addon here. Install and activate the addon.
  2. Use this link to go to and hit Make a Zap! button. This will take you to the setup screen. Under Choose a Trigger App, select FormCraft WordPress, and choose New Form Entry as the trigger. On the Test this Setup screen, you will find a Webhook URL, as seen on the below image. Copy this URL and paste it under Webhook URL in FormCraft.zapier-formcraft-setup zapier-addon
  3. On the next step, Zapier will show a Looking for form entry text. Go back to FormCraft, save your form, hit Preview. Now fill the form and hit Submit. Go back to Zapier. It should recognise your form entry.
  4. Now we need to setup an action for our New Form Entry trigger. For our example, we would like to add a new MailChimp subscriber on each form submit. We select MailChimp -> Add/Update Subscriber. After you complete the setup, hit Finish, and turn your Zap on.