Signature Pad

Add a Signature Pad to your forms, allowing users to sign the forms.

Sample Form


You can use this add-on to send your form entry data to hundreds of apps on Zapier.


  • Create a MailChimp subscriber
  • Add a row in Google Spreadsheet
  • Get Slack notifications

This add-on is super easy to configure. To create a zap, simply copy-paste the webhook URL from Zapier into the add-on settings in FormCraft. Read more.


6m Support and Updates

Extend the support period and plugin updates on your license by 6 months. If your support period expires next month, we will add 6 months to it. If it already expired 2 months back, we will extend it by 6 months, from today.

Updates here would refer to plugin updates for the main plugin and add-ons purchased on

Tabular Input Field

Allows you to add a spreadsheet-like table field to your form. This is an open-ended field, which means your users can add rows to the table to add more data rows.

Sample Form

User Registration

  • Create user registration forms
  • Support for custom user meta fields, for registration
  • Set a default user role
  • Create user login forms
  • Create forms to allow users to update their profile
  • Bundled form templates for signup and login forms
Signup Form
Login Form

PayPal Standard

Use FormCraft forms to accept payments from your customers, through PayPal.

  • Create order forms
  • Create subscription forms
Order Form

Pre Populate Fields

  • Add default data to your forms
  • Auto-fill your form with user data
  • Auto-fill your form with variables from the URL

Read more.

Multi Page Forms

This add-on allows you to make multi-page forms.

  • Validate each page before allowing user to proceed
  • Customisable Previous and Next buttons
  • Highlighted steps to display form progress
  • Tailor-made interface for mobile devices
  • Works with popup and slide-in forms as well
  • Easily move fields across pages when editing forms
Sample Form

Form To Post

Automatically create new posts on form submissions.

  • Set post author and post status
  • Support for custom post types
  • Support for taxonomies
  • Support for custom fields
Sample Form